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Jason Reeves
117 Houndsditch
1st Floor
London, EC3A 7BT
TEL: 020 3805 6293
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Jason Reeves

Jason Reeves is an English solicitor and a licensed attorney in Texas. He has unique experience of practicing law in the U.S. and England.  Jason focuses on complex insurance disputes in England, the U.S., and other jurisdictions.  He resolves disputes through litigation, arbitration, appraisal, mediation, and negotiation.  He primarily handles first-party insurance coverage and subrogation disputes involving energy, property, power, engineering, construction and industrial risks that often include complicated business interruption issues.  He also handles third party losses – both defense and coverage.  Prior to joining Zelle, he worked as an English solicitor with leading firms in the London market.  Jason acts as a commercial mediator for CEDR.  He regularly lectures and writes on emerging topics and key insurance-law issues.

Representative Matters

First Party

Represented insurer in Dutch refinery Contingent Time Element loss (English and Ohio law)

Representing insurer in an outwards reinsurance dispute (English law)

Acting for a London reinsurance market in a West African mining loss (English law)

Provided coverage advice on a CAR policy to reinsurance market following property damage at a resort project in the Caribbean. (English law)

Acting for a global reinsurance market in an Argentine power loss (Argentine law)

Advising London reinsurance market in a series of unrelated losses at power stations in Guatemala (Guatemalan law)

Advising Lloyd’s syndicates on a manufacturing loss in Guatemala (Guatemalan law)

Recovery action for Reinsurers following a pipeline loss in Mexico (Mexican law)

Advising London reinsurer on aggregation in respect of a property damage and business interruption claim following a loss in the South Pacific. (English and Texas law)

Acting for a global reinsurance market in a Hurricane Odile property loss (Mexican and U.S. law)

Acted for a global reinsurance market on a CAR policy in Israel (Israeli law)

Advising global reinsurance market on a Turkish power loss (Turkish law)

Advising an insurance market on an oilfield flood / well control policy loss in Oklahoma (Colorado law)

Recovery action for insurers following refinery explosion (Kansas and Texas law)

Advising insurer in a long tail pollution claim (Washington State law)

Advising insurer (liaising with reinsurers) on a complex construction loss (Indiana law)

Advising London insurers on a contingent time element loss in Louisiana (Texas law)

Third Party

Representing liability reinsurance market in a fraud matter in China. (Chinese and English law)

Advising Lloyd’s syndicates on a marine liability loss in Argentina (Argentine law)

Representing liability insurer in respect of a cross border product liability claim involving parties in Central Asia and Europe (English, German and Kazakh law)

Articles & Presentations

"Insurer Implications As 3 Climate Suits Return to State Courts," Law360 Insurance Authority, April 26, 2022, co-author

"Minn. Big Oil Climate Suit Follows Big Tobacco Blueprint," Insurance Law360, January 4, 2022, co-author

"The Role of Science in Climate Change Litigation." Pre-COP 26 event, July 14, 2021, panelist

"Climate Litigation and the Economy," International Virtual Summit - “Our Future in the Balance: The Role of Courts and Tribunals in Meeting the Climate Crisis,” July 7, 2021, co-presenter

"Insurance and Climate Change," May 18, 2021, co-presenter

"The Financial Conduct Authority v. Arch and Others [2021] UKSC 1 (“the FCA Test Case”)," January 26, 2021, co-author

"Climate Change Litigation Goes Before the Supreme Court," January 5, 2021, co-author

"The Insurance Industry and Climate Change,” London Climate Action Week 2020, November 19, 2020, co-presenter

"Human Rights Due Diligence for Climate Change Impacts," Institute of International and Comparative Law, October 1, 2020, co-presenter

"Climate Change for Insurers: When Politics Fail, Flood the Courts, January 29, 2020, co-author

"Tightening Up Contracts in a Hardening Insurance Market," Insurance Law360, January 16, 2020, co-author

"Construction/CAR Stream," Onshore Energy Conference London 2019, November 6, 2019, presenter

"Climate change litigation - the new tobacco?," 2019 International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) Conference, September 18, 2019, presenter

Jason Reeves Quoted in Climate Wire Regarding Climate Change for Insurers, August 5, 2019

"Climate Change Exposure for Insurers," Zelle CAT-Law Webinar Week, July 24, 2019, co-presenter

Jason Reeves Quoted in Climate Liability News: Insurance Lawsuits Against Big Oil Could Be Next Wave in Climate Liability, July 19, 2019

"Climate Change and Insurance: Insurers' Subrogation Claims," Insurance Law360, July 12, 2019, co-author

"Business Interruption: Delay in Start-up Insurance," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, July 2, 2019, co-presenter

"Business Interruption: Increased Costs of Working and Extra Expense," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, June 11, 2019, co-presenter

"Lessons in Liability Litigation: A Case Study," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, June 4, 2019, co-presenter

"An Anatomy of Business Interruption," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, May 28, 2019, co-presenter

"Climate Change: Insurance and Reinsurance," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, May 23, 2019, co-presenter

"Climate Change and Insurance: Lliuya v. RWE Makes History," Insurance Law360, March 22, 2019, co-author

"Business Interruption Issues Affecting Terrorism Risks," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, March 19, 2019, co-presenter

"Climate Change and Insurance: Increasing Foreign Lawsuits," Insurance Law360, February 14, 2019, co-author

"Climate Change and Insurance: Litigation Risks for Insurers," Insurance Law360, January 23, 2019, co-author

"Negotiating Skills Workshop," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, October 15, 2018, presenter

"E-discovery masterclass," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, September 5, 2018, co-presenter

"Non-property Damage Business Interruption," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, May 22, 2018, co-presenter

"Hurricane Harvey First Party Property Claims Checklist (Texas)," August 25, 2017, co-author

MDD Forensic Accountants’ 13th Annual Business Interruption Panel Discussion, London, England, June 15, 2017, panelist

"Adjusting International Claims," Zelle Insurance Webinar Series - Catastrophes, November 14, 2016, co-presenter

"Handling (Re) insurance Claims in Mexico," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, June 14, 2016, co-presenter

"The Emerging Hail Risk: Update from the Trenches," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, June 8, 2016, co-presenter

"Claims in Latin America: Critical Issues for International (Re)Insurers," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, May 5, 2016, co-presenter

"Business Interruption: Gross Profit, Gross Earnings," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, March 10, 2016, co-presenter

"The Anatomy of Business Interruption," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, February 3, 2016, co-presenter

"Onshore Energy Part 4 – Adjusting and Legal Issues II," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, November 17, 2015, co-presenter

"An Introduction to Onshore Energy Claims Issues," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, September 17, 2015, co-presenter

"10 Worst Habits of Negotiators," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, September 16, 2015, co-presenter

"Latin American Business Series - Legal Tour of Latin America," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, July 7, 2015, co-presenter

"Latin America Business Series – Introduction: The Common Themes," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, April 29, 2015, co-presenter

"Update on Key Issues Affecting Hail Claims," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, March 19, 2015, co-presenter

"'Loss' In Translation: Insurers Beware," Insurance Law360, February 19, 2015, co-author

"BI Deductibles and Sublimits," London Business Interruption Association, February 2, 2015, co-presenter

"The Analysis of Earthquakes,” London Power Forum, November 13, 2014, co-presenter

"Earthquake Hazards," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, November 12, 2014, co-presenter

"Primer On Civil And Common Law For The Int’l Insurer," Insurance Law360, October 31, 2014, co-author

"Litigating in English and U.S. Jurisdictions: What you need to know," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, October 10, 2014, co-presenter

"Arbitration in England and in the US: A Practical Guide," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, October 3, 2014, co-presenter

"Steps to Effective Mediation – Mediation Theatre," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, September 10, 2014, co-presenter

"Business Interruption: Deductibles and Sublimits," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, September 9, 2014, co-presenter

"Insurance In Brazil: A Reinsurance Perspective," Insurance Law360, August 14, 2014, co-author

"Primer On Underwriting Insurance Risks In Argentina," Insurance Law360, June 19, 2014, co-author

"The Anatomy of Business Interruption," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, February 14, 2014, co-presenter

"Problems with Civil Authorities Clauses," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, January 30, 2014, presenter

"Power and Utilities Business Interruption Insurance Roundtable," December 3, 2013, co-presenter

"Problems with Civil Authority Clauses," London Business Interruption Association, December 2, 2013, presenter

"U.S. Law and Jurisdiction," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, June 6, 2013, co-presenter

"Contingent Business Interruption," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, May 24, 2013, co-presenter

"U.S. Law and Jurisdiction," Lloyd's Under 30's seminar, May 17, 2013, co-presenter

"Myths and Realities of Bad Faith Claims in the U.S.," Lloyd's Under 30's seminar, May 17, 2013, co-presenter

"The Role of Space Technologies in the Surveillance of Major Threats, Including Space Weather," 17th Annual Space Conference, Rome, Italy, May 9, 2013, co-presenter

"To Litigate or to Arbitrate? What to do and where to do it," Lloyd's Market Association Masterclass, April 22, 2013, co-presenter  

"Only A Matter of Time - Prepare for Geomagnetic Storms," Insurance Law360, February 21, 2013, co-author

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