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Jason Reeves and Deepa Sutherland to Present LMA Academy Masterclass on Climate Change

May 23, 2019

On May 23, 2019, Jason Reeves and Deepa Sutherland of Zelle International will co-present an LMA Academy Masterclass titled “Climate Change: Insurance and Reinsurance.” 

This masterclass will consider the impact of climate change on insurance and reinsurance. 

The presenters will: 

  • review historical and current climate change litigation and consider emerging exposures
  • review active US and foreign climate change litigation
  • discuss specific business line risks
  • comment on the use of event attribution science
  • consider lessons learned from past long tail liability exposures (MTBE, asbestos)
  • outline subrogation and recovery opportunities
  • review wording suggestions and new business line opportunities

Attendees will gain a better understanding of climate change in the context of insurance, which will be useful in anticipating and mitigating emerging exposures, improving wordings, and developing new products. 

Stephanie Morton, Climate Finance Lawyer, ClientEarth will co-present with Reeves and Sutherland. For more information, please visit the LMA Academy website.

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