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Zelle is always interested in hearing from talented attorneys who can add value to our professional efforts and our personal relationships. Our standards are high. We are searching for candidates with character, charisma, and the desire to become successful litigators in a national practice firm devoted to litigation and dispute resolution. We want candidates with demonstrated intellect, superb analytical skills, the intangible personal qualities that make for an effective litigator, and a sincere desire to enjoy the profession as well as life.

We challenge all of our associates with substantial responsibilities in complex conflicts. We emphasize creativity rather than repetition, collegiality rather than bureaucracy, and personal equilibrium rather than a sweatshop mentality. We want attorneys to achieve professional success while offering support to one another along the way. We are looking for litigators who will enjoy the challenges we offer and appreciate the rewards we make available.

Zelle is unique among national practice firms because of its size and the type of cases the attorneys handle. That combination results in case staffing that draws associates into the most challenging, intriguing, and rewarding elements of practice more quickly than at other firms.

If you are interested in more information about a career at Zelle, please contact us.

Open attorney and staff positions can be found here.

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