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Lindsey Davis and Seth Jackson to Present at PLRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo

April 4, 2022

On April 4-5, 2022, Lindsey Davis, a partner in Zelle’s Minneapolis office, and Seth Jackson, a partner in Zelle’s Boston office, will present at the PLRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo, in San Antonio, TX. Click here for more information.

Lindsey will present on “Avoiding First- & Third-Party Bad Faith Allegations.” Her session will:

  • Describe good faith claims handling practices and effective claim-file management;
  • Review fact patterns and judgments from bad faith cases from various federal and state jurisdictions;
  • Apply good faith claims handling practices and effective claim-file management techniques; and
  • Make effective and good-faith based claim-file management decisions.

Seth will serve as a panelist for the session entitled “Time Element Losses: Habitational & Hospitality.” He will be joined on the panel by Glenn Ricciardelli (MDD Forensic Accountants) and Joseph Slane (Engle Martin & Associates). The session will:

  • Describe how damage to habitational and hospitality properties can result in the potential displacement of tenants, guests, or residents, and the resultant impact on rental revenue;
  • Review the potential mitigation options available to habitational and hospitality properties, including relocating tenants or guests to undamaged and vacant units or rooms, transferring tenants or guests to affiliated properties, etc.;
  • Identify the financial documentation and occupancy information that is required to evaluate, confirm, and measure the resultant loss of rental revenue and the concurrent savings in operating expenses, including the review of loss scenarios and case studies; and
  • Explain the treatment of depreciation as a saved expense from accounting and legal standpoints.
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