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Dallas Morning News Names Zelle’s Steven Badger to ‘Watchdog Hall of Fame’ For Work on Roofing Bill

June 10, 2019

Steven Badger, a partner in the Dallas office of Zelle, has been named by Dave Lieber, consumer protection columnist for the Dallas Morning News, to his “Watchdog Hall of Fame.”  

Badger was recently profiled in a Dallas Morning News article titled “Why the Texas roofers’ registration bill died in a hailstorm of ‘no’ votes from both parties” describing his two years of unpaid work promoting roofing contractor registration in Texas. Badger’s ideas were incorporated into a roofing contractor registration bill offered by state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake). The bill made it to the full House for a vigorous debate and vote. The bill failed to pass. Lieber’s article tells the story of why the bill failed and the resulting fact that the Texas roofing industry will remain unregulated. 

Lieber wrote that even though Badger’s years of effort did not result in reforms to the troubled roofing industry in Texas his unpaid efforts deserve recognition, stating: “If every public issue had a citizen advocate like Badger pushing the boulder up the mountain, democracy would work better.” Because of Badger’s devotion to this important consumer protection issue, Lieber named Badger to his Watchdog Hall of Fame. 

The Watchdog Hall of Fame was created in 2015 to honor state lawmakers who successfully pushed consumer reforms. Until now, no non-lawmaker has ever been inducted. 

Click here to read “Why the Texas roofers’ registration bill died in a hailstorm of ‘no’ votes from both parties.”

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