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Jason Reeves to Present at the 17th International Space Conference

May 9, 2013

On Thursday, May 9, 2013, Jason Reeves, of Zelle Hofmann’s London office, will present on a panel regarding space weather disaster modeling, insurance and reinsurance at the 17th International Space Conference in Rome. The presentation, “The Role of Space Technologies in the Surveillance of Major Threats, Including Space Weather,” will also include panelists from leading insurance companies. 

The Space Conference, titled “Impact of Space Weather and Space Exploitation on Modern Society: Hazards’ Forecasting, Prevention, Mitigation and Insurance at International Level,” will cover the economic and social impact of ‘Space Weather’ and how it is attracting concern at various levels for its great and potentially catastrophic effects.   The conference will also highlight man-made hazards such as space debris, jamming/hacking of signals, cyber terrorism, and their influence on satellite performance.  For more information on the subject, please see Jason’s recent article.   

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