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The Zelle Lonestar Lowdown Issue 3 - July 11, 2023

July 11, 2023

Inside this issue:

  • Breaking News: Amarillo Court of Appeals Holds Pre-Suit Notice Letters Under 542A Must State "The Specific Amount Alleged To Be Owed"
  • News from the Trenches by Steve Badger
  • Todd Tippett's Top Ten Tips on... Working with Public Adjusters
  • Court Limits Use of Approaching Statute of Limitations Exception to Presuit Notice Letter Requirement
  • Morakabian and Rosales Signal a Consensus View on Recovery of Attorneys' Fees After Appraisal
  • AI Update: A Bad Trip: AI Hallucinations Lead to Orders Requiring Disclosure of AI Use in Legal Briefing
  • Fort Worth Appeals Court Confirms Prompt Payment of Appraisal Award Means No Attorney's Fees
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