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The Zelle Lonestar Lowdown - Issue 10 February 16, 2024

February 16, 2024

Inside this issue: 

  • News from the Trenches by Steve Badger
  • Todd Tippett's Top Ten Tips on... Things to Consider When Dating Hail Damage
  • Losses Reportedly Arising From the Presence of the COVID 19 Virus at a Property Are Excluded by a Contamination and Pollution Exclusion According to the Houston 14th Court of Appeals!
  • Fifth Circuit Holding Addresses Scope of Business Interruption Coverage Under Cyber Policy
  • AI Update: Insuring the Future: Insurers Face Challenges as Artificial Intelligence Expands
  • Lassoing Liability with Megan Zeller - The Assault and Battery Exclusion Continues to be Firmly Upheld in Texas,”
  • An Insured Must Have Sufficient Evidence to Support a Delayed Payment Claim
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