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The Zelle Lonestar Lowdown - Issue 8 December 12, 2023

December 12, 2023

Inside this issue:

  • News from the Trenches by Steve Badger
  • Todd Tippett's Top Ten Tips on... What Should be in a Claim File for All Claims
  • AI Update: Understanding Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Lassoing Liability with Megan Zeller - How To Be a Reasonably Prudent Insurer Under the Stowers Doctrine
  • Cosmetic or Functional Hail Damage? Who Gets to Decide?
  • To Award Fees, or Not to Award Fees, That is the Question 
  • Insurer Did Not Breach Flood Insurance Policy Despite Insured’s Claim of Nonreceipt of Renewal Notice 
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