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The Zelle Lonestar Lowdown - Issue 7 November 14, 2023

November 14, 2023

Inside this issue:

  • Viewpoint: Non-Renewal, Cancellation, Reformation and Rescission of Insurance Policies in Texas
  • News from the Trenches by Steve Badger
  • Todd Tippett's Top Ten Tips on... Policy Provisions And Endorsements Every Adjuster Should Be Looking Out For
  • The Northern District Court Holds that Attorneys’ Fees Must Correspond to Damages Awarded
  • AI Update: Regulating Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Marketplace
  • Lassoing Liability with Megan Zeller - Hold Your Horses: Insurers May Still Have a Duty to Indemnify Even if They Don’t Have a Duty to Defend
  • 542A Petition Notice is No Notice: Attorneys’ Fees Precluded
  • Southern District Finds No Waiver of Insurer’s Appraisal Demand, but on Unsuspecting Grounds
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