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Jason Reeves to Present LMA Academy Masterclass on Business Interruption: Delay in Start-up Insurance

July 2, 2019

On July 2, 2019, Jason Reeves, a partner in the London office of Zelle, will present an LMA Academy Masterclass titled “Business Interruption: Delay in Start-up Insurance.” 

This masterclass will give an overview of delay in start-up (DSU)/advance loss of profits (ALOP) insurance, both from an underwriting and a claims perspective, with a focus on those aspects that can cause difficulties. 

The session will:

  • deconstruct how DSU/ALOP policies work, in theory and in practice
  • look at the specific accounting questions that arise on DSU claims
  • examine the key underwriting and wordings issues for insurers
  • explore the ways in which DSU/ALOP policies can cause problems, particularly when it comes to claims

Joe Aldous of BTVK Advisory and Andrew Schutte of Keoughs will co-present with Reeves. For more information, please visit the LMA Academy website.

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