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Zelle Attorneys to Present LMA Academy Master Class on E-discovery

September 5, 2018

On September 5, 2018, Thomas Cook, a partner in Zelle’s Dallas office, Jason Reeves, a partner in Zelle’s London office, and Darren Thompson, a solicitor in that office, will co-present an LMA Academy Master Class on e-discovery.  The presentation will take place at Lloyd’s in London. 

This master class will focus on e-discovery in the U.S., England and Wales. Discovery and disclosure obligations in litigation now almost exclusively concern electronic records. 

The presentation will cover: 

  • what is e-discovery?
  • legal background of e-discovery
  • tools and management for e-discovery
  • claims adjusters' perspective for e-discovery
  • working with policyholders on e-discovery requirements 

For more information, please visit the LMA Academy website.

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