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First Hidalgo County Hail Trial Ends in Defense Verdict

On March 1, 2015, a Hidalgo County jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of National Lloyds Insurance Company in the first hail damage lawsuit taken to trial in that county. The plaintiffs, Andrea and Martin Amaro, were represented by the Mostyn Law Firm.   A copy of the verdict form is available here

Over 7000 hail damage lawsuits have been filed in Hidalgo County arising from the 2012 storms.  Reportedly, over 4000 have been settled.   This verdict demonstrates what other insurers across the state have also learned -- that Texas judges and Texas juries, regardless of venue, understand What The Hail™ Is Going On? with these lawsuits and are not afraid to render judgment for insurance companies having properly measured and paid claims.

Congratulations to National Lloyds and its counsel, Scot Doyen, for achieving this significant victory.

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