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Steven Badger Interviewed by NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth: Navigating Insurance Coverage For Winter Storm Damages

March 11, 2021

Steven Badger, a partner in the Dallas office of Zelle, was interviewed by NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth for a segment regarding navigating insurance coverage for Texas winter storm damages.

In the segment, Badger discusses policy confusion as homeowners navigate insurance coverage for the recent Texas winter storm damages.

“Whenever we have an event like this that was really not expected in Texas, it is an opportunity for people to evaluate coverage. They should talk to their insurance agent and ask them, next time this happens, what can I do to ensure I’m covered?" Badger said. "We need to make sure that we are talking to our agent and the insurance companies to ensure that we have coverage that is responsive to the events that we’re going to have, if you want to pay for the coverage. Remember, you can buy a cheap policy that covers a little or you can buy an expensive policy that covers a lot."

Click here to view the segment.

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