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Climate Change

Lawsuits like Minnesota v. American Petroleum Institute will continue and evolve until there is a policy solution to climate change. Creating policy through litigation may have unforeseen consequences for carbon majors and their liability insurers.
A review of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v BP case and the implications of the US Supreme Court’s decision as to whether the case should be removed to State court, including why hearing a case in State or Federal court matters for insurers.
A look at three significant climate change decisions around the world – Urgenda v The Netherland, Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines, and New York v Exxon – and their implications for future climate change litigation.
Discussion of a potential future area of climate change litigation that will impact the insurance industry, namely subrogation claims brought by first party property insurers against Carbon Majors and others, which fall back on liability insurers.
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Emerging risks and novel litigation are nothing new for the insurance industry. Liability re(insurers) may draw on the industry’s historical experience of MTBE and asbestos claims to navigate the wave of climate change lawsuits.
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A review of the particular issues that make the Lliuya v RWE case before the German courts significant to the development of climate change litigation against private companies and pose potential avenues of litigation against other policyholders.
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A review of the diverse and growing number of climate change lawsuits outside the U.S. and the implications for insurers of a developing body of climate change law around the world.
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A review of recent US and international climate change lawsuits and suggestions for liability (re)insurers on responding proactively to climate change claims and related coverage litigation.
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