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Steven Badger Quoted in Claims Journal: Appraiser Impartiality has Become a New Source of Litigation

April 19, 2022

Steven Badger, a partner in Zelle’s Dallas office, was quoted in the Claims Journal article titled “Insurers Challenging Awards When Appraisers’ Disinterest in Question.”

Insurers created the appraisal process to provide an efficient way to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom using disinterested experts, but lately insurer skepticism about appraiser impartiality has become a new source of litigation.

Badger said the appraisal process has no procedural rules or ethical guidelines.

“As a result, a small group of fraudsters have realized they can manipulate the appraisal process for the financial gain of their clients and also for themselves,” he said.

Click here to read “Insurers Challenging Awards When Appraisers’ ‘Disinterest’ in Question.”

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